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Changing Directions.

January 13, 2017

It has been a short time since I have blogged anything.  When I last wrote, I had just unfairly lost my job of 3.5 years. Although I do not miss that place, I am still without a job or an income, and finding the job I want is difficult. I do not want to be forced in to taking just any job, that is like being pushed into a pool and not being able to swim. Sorry to say, I have been there and done that. I want a job where I can feel both safe and happy doing each day. My bosses in the past often said to me to find something I would enjoy doing each day and it would not seem like work because, when you go to work each day, that is your home, and you should be happy at your home. Not working right now makes me feel depressed, and I certainly do not want to become a downer for anyone. It just is what it is, and I am coping.

I have made some decisions in the last couple of months. Now it is the new year and I need to follow through on those decisions. Part of my job searches include looking for city or state government work, and I am also looking for entry-level library work as a page, or circulation clerk, or museum curator assistant. I have a Bachelor’s degree, and some library circulation experience from twenty years earlier, and it is experience nonetheless. However, the real career I want requires that I have an MLIS, a Master’s in Library and Information Science. This is probably going to take 2-3 years to complete, and it is necessary for me to start applying for a program now. I have been told I should check out San Jose State University’s online graduate program. I completed the tour of the on-line open house, and now I just have a couple of new decisions to consider before I commit. I know this is something I want to do. My life will benefit greatly by a career in this field. I just need to find a steady income for the mean time, a stepping stone to the next part of my dream being realized.

I will return to this as I make new discoveries, and reach successful outcomes.

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