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A Poem About Weight Loss.

January 16, 2017

I am writer and poet as well as artist and sometimes graphic designer. Although, with this blog, I won’t get fancy or create any radical typography. It is not what I desire right now. Maybe later I will post some designs or restructure this blog to be more aesthetic. When I decided to write this blog, I more or less wanted to focus on the things I do in and around trying to lose weight. I want to talk about the ups and downs, the ardent struggles, and the victories along the way regarding weight loss.

Sometimes you will feel like Atlas, and the world will be on your shoulders. You might feel burdened enough to give up, but decide that there is no growth without the struggle. Sometimes you will see the path that is clear for you, and realize that in order to move ahead you must take risks, and believe in yourself. And, you need to believe in yourself, (Yes, I know I started my sentence with “And”.) because believing in yourself allows you to be confident in your endeavors. Confidence is a good thing, and one of my greatest struggles.

I am not ashamed to admit I can feel weak at times, and I am learning to ignore those inner voices that would taunt me and otherwise say that I am not going to reach my goals. Without the struggles we face with regard to losing weight or whatever personal goal we have set for ourselves, we must understand that our struggles build character, and our discipline, and faithfulness will lead us to victory (whatever that victory might be for you).

Here is a poem that I wrote today. It is not a great poem, but it speaks to me. I hope you enjoy it, too.

You look in the mirror
And, don't like what you see. 
Don't complain about it. 
It's up to you to decide
Which direction you want to go.
Be faithful in the little things,
And enjoy the rewards along the way.
You have to set goals, 
And educate yourself--
Motivation is what gets you started
As I have heard it said,
And discipline requires effort.
Your determination brings gold, 
And successful tenacity makes fat cry.
Each day you commit,
In the end you hard work will show.
Others will see it,
Then you will know, 
You have what it takes
In order to grow. 
(c)2017 K. McConnell



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