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January 18, 2017

I am beginning a new adventure and rediscovering my relationship with God. Tuesday night I went to my first session of a 10 week Bible study called Rooted. Rooted is designed to help us as believers have a deeper connection with God, get involved through our churches and community, and find our purpose. As an introvert, meeting new people is not always easy for me, and I found out at this session we will be meeting in small groups of 12-15 people. We all come from different upbringings, and are at different places in our walks, but the common core for all of us is our love for Christ. I am eager to see how the next 10 weeks plays out, and I am anticipating experiencing some awesome spiritual growth.

I will keep you updated on how God is working in my heart and life.

On a different note, a long time friend whom I love dearly lost her father this week to cancer. It was rather sudden, although she has hinted that her father had probably gone undiagnosed for the last couple of years, and death just crept in, much like how my own mother died from cancer. I mentioned to my friend that I will be keeping her and her family in prayer. It is times like this, “When our friends hurt and grieve, we must be the arms to wrap them in love.” (K. McConnell, FB 01-16-17). I am comforted knowing that my friend’s father had a relationship with Christ, and is now healed and in His presence. That brings me hope.


  1. Wishing the best for you during your Bible study … the Lord is faithful and rewards those who seek Him.

    • Sorry to respond late. Thank you for the encouragement. I want to know God more and more each day. God bless you.

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