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Get Out and Do Something.

January 29, 2017

Today is Saturday. Yesterday passed, and I felt like a failure for not getting out and doing anything, except rest. I have had trouble with my hips and legs since September 2016, a late manifestation of the car accident I had the day after Christmas in 2015. That accident could have been a whole lot worse, and I have no memory of what happened prior to my vehicle getting T-boned. I know one person besides myself was injured. I still pray today for that person that God is healing her, and that she is able to move on from the accident. I wish that it never happened, but it did, and I am in chronic pain, a result a freak accident that was deemed my fault, and carelessness. I am having trouble moving on, but I have to do it. I cannot get white knuckles every time I drive through that intersection or other locations.It was the first accident I have had in 23 years. Stuff like this happens, but it still makes me feel bad.

So how was today (Saturday)? Although I got a late start, I did not want to spend the day couped up in my bedroom unable to go any place, not for lack of wanting to drive, but no money for gas. Initially, I felt a little down, and I think it could be that I just really need to exercise. I had to nip negativity in the bud. I watched some sports on television for about an hour, and realized I did not want to waste my day watching TV and not get anything done. I am so not a good steward with my time-yet, I am working on that to improve.  I decided to get around and go for a walk.

This time last year, I was without a vehicle until March. I walked almost everywhere I needed to go, and felt energized. I thought today was a good day to start doing that again. Baby steps are what I need to take right now (not literally), and I need to get out more and walk for an hour each day. I talk about wanting to lose weight. Well, if I start and continue doing this each day or every other day, and be patient, I will start to see some weight loss. My dad always says I am impatient. I think the desire to change is important more than seeing the results of change at this point. I did not talk about wanting to get out side today; I just got out side and did it. I went for a walk, a nice walk up hill to my local market. I noticed how out of shape I am feeling, and I will get stronger the more I do this. It felt good to get out and walk. I felt better because I ate a protein  pack, some fruit and drank some lemon/ginger Kombucha before returning home on my walk. I had not eaten since I got up this morning. That is another bad habit that has to change, and I will get there.

Overall, I had a good afternoon. I weighed myself today, having lost 2 pounds (likely water weight,) and now weighing 285.7. It is a start. If I can be disciplined to keep doing this each day, and eat better and stay hydrated- change is going to take place.  So, if you are wondering how to change, dream big, start small and get out and walk.

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