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When the scale is not your friend.

February 1, 2017

Saturday I weighed myself. It is kind of like watching the news for me, nothing good to say, and full of lies. I think that the two and a half pounds that I lost was only water weight. I made the mistake of looking at the scale today, and found myself discouraged. I told myself, “What did you expect?” I went up 3 pounds. I wonder what it could be? I imagine it is going to be an up and down kind of thing until I establish a more disciplined routine. Some days are going to be more positive than others, and then there will be days there are setbacks. I think today was a setback.  So what can I do to change?

First of all, I know I am staying hydrated. Can there be such a thing as drinking too much water? Probably. I sometimes feel like I do not drink enough water. Sometimes it is the medications I take, and those leave me feeling dry mouth, and thirsty. I have to keep a small bottle of water on my nightstand just for this very reason.  I do not eat right or as often as I should. The body needs fuel, and I often run on fumes. I am wanting to start juicing, and hopefully soon I can purchase one of those Ninja-like blenders that help you make quality smoothies and juice extractions. Additionally, what I do now is I have oatmeal when I get up, most of the time. My problem is going for long periods of time in between meals and not getting enough nutritious foods with vitamins and minerals. I can no longer eat lettuce because I cannot digest it, but I can have coleslaw or something cabbage related, go figure? I cannot eat corn, or food with any seeds. I have to eat foods low in sodium and I am consciously deciding to lean more vegetarian for 65% of my week. I will still eat chicken or fish when I can.

I am going to make a commitment to abstain from soft drinks and fast from them for two weeks to see how my sugar levels will balance, in addition to just weening myself off entirely at a pace that is comfortable for me. My problem lately has been nervous eating. I do not eat when I am depressed, and I eat a lot of sweet foods when I am nervous. I have yet to run to a low cal food that can help curb my nervous days. Weening off potato chips is a battle, and so is cheese. I love both. I am reducing those too. If I want either, I am going to have them, though.

Did I mention that I like Kimchi? I like the mild spicy Korean brand, and the warmer Japanese brine Kimchi. Sauerkraut is also good. A family friend of mine told me not too long ago that eating fermented foods is good for your digestive track, and should be consumed regularly for its probiotic tendencies. As a middle aged man, I like stinky food, but I take fiber supplements to help in that department too. Pineapple chunks are good for fiber, as well as lentils, beans of all types. We need fiber to regulate us and keep us healthy. I am learning I need to have plenty of fiber as well as protein for muscle building, and water for hydration. I am doing the best I can for now. Dates and figs are good for energy, and fiber as are prunes. When I was a boy, my granddad would always fix me a small dish of prunes, and I would have them with toast, yogurt and a small glass of juice. I stay away from orange juice, but I at least like cranberry juice, or apple juice. Instead of drinking Gatorade, I have begun drinking coconut water (organic not from concentrate). I guess what I am saying here is your gut health is an important contestant and starting point for ensuring weight loss. Bone broth is a good source for your gut health as is nature’s broom, broccoli. Vegetables are key for eating well, and feeling full.

I hope that I have been encouraging here. It is a day by day process of finding what works for you. The key is to start, keep moving forward, and do not give up, and give yourself grace on those days you fall short.



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