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When negativity interferes with creativity.

February 9, 2017

Recognizing my mistakes.

I trashed my last post. In my post I shared my thoughts on what not to say to someone who is unemployed. It was too negative, and possibly alienating. I do not consider myself a great writer, and I am just starting to learn how to find my voice and topics that interest me. I do not want my posts to be egocentric or full of negativity. This is when I realized that I need spend a little more time considering what is really worth writing about. I do not think that it is enough to merely write what you know. Sometimes there are things you have absolutely no way of knowing what you are going to talk about. I learned this early on when I took my creative writing class and non-fiction writing class four years ago. I am not saying you should not write what you know, but write what you know with facts and research as well. Construct well written sentences and thoughts that will be enjoyable to read.

Negativity can ruin creativity.

Sometimes when I write, I have many thoughts about things, and I don’t always map them out before writing. I thinking mapping out your thoughts on paper first will give you a better idea of what you want to say, and help you stay more organized. Also, if you do not want people to know something, do not write it. I want to say too much at times. My lesson has been to learn how to write with brevity, and be more succinct. I have so many thoughts I want to write down (especially, since I am afraid I will forget some really good ideas,) but not all thoughts are important to share. There is a time to share negative thoughts and ideas when writing, and that is an arena I would just as soon avoid. Negativity stifles creativity.

Writing lists to aid creativity.

Yesterday I was at the library. I spend much of my time at the library, it is almost like home to me. I remember meeting Ray Bradbury when I was seventeen, and he was one of my early influences. He had said that he learned to write by reading, and spending much of his time in libraries. He was a self taught writer, too. As an aspiring writer, it is easy to have writers who are personal heroes. Ray Bradbury was one influence, George R.R. Martin, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Judy Blume, Rhoald Dahl, Scott Westerfeld  are other influential writers and there many more. One of my recent influences is J.K. Rowling, and I have learned much about writing, plot development and character interaction through reading her Harry Potter stories. As I have read these authors, I have learned the importance of writing more clearly, the art of story telling and using your imagination. However, lately, I have had trouble with using my imagination and that affects my creativity.

One thing I have done to help me with being more creative in my writings is making lists and creating potential blog ideas. Yesterday I came up with almost 45 topics I would like to write about. I hope to narrow it down, and eventually just write about a few things that, at the core are most important to me.

I often will use the voice memo function on my iPhone to record ideas or the microphone to input notes on my memo pad. I came up with many potential ideas to write about after a half hour of just brain storming. These lists are not the end all be all, and I think one must choose what works for him or her when looking for ways to stay creative. My point is avoid negativity as much as possible. Write what you want. Watch your writing take shape. Do not worry too much about what others think, and be open to constructive criticism. Keep pen and paper handy because you will never know when you are going to have an epiphany. There will be times your writing will not make sense to you, and you will make mistakes. Write every day, even if it is just a few lines or scribbles on a napkin. Be patient. If you expect immediate results, it is a good possibility you will not see what you need to learn. If you look for what you need to learn, and grow in your ability, then you will get results.

I will continue to discuss more about my discoveries of writing in future blogs.


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