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The early influence of music in my life.

February 11, 2017

What music says to me.

Last time I shared some of the music that makes me tick.  I am kind of an eclectic guy, and enjoy the diversity of music. There is a plethora of music that seems vast like the universe, and each song is a star that shines its light from a distance. To hear music is healing, pleasurable, enraging, political (for some, not me), extravagant, rebellious, harmonic, praising, storytelling, poetic, sorrowful, and so on. Whatever you are feeling, there is a song that will likely connect with you and touch your soul. One of the things I like most about music, is like art, unless that artist says there is a specific message  or story, then it is left to the interpretation of the listener.

70s Rock

Growing up as a kid in the 70s, I think I mentioned before, I listened to mostly church hymns or classical music. My home was fairly conservative. It was mostly when I went over to friends homes on Saturday night game nights when my parents played dominoes or cards with my friends parents that I ever got to listen to rock and roll music. At one friend’s home, we listened to 94.7 FM KMET on Saturday nights, and mostly listened to Dr. Demento and other novelty music. Afterwards, we would listen to albums of Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Van Halen, Steve Miller Band, The Eagles, ELO, Deep Purple. These were some early influences for me.

I was not at a total loss to what was out there musically. I just did not get to listen to it at home. I developed my love of music early on. When I was 10 or 11 years old, that is when I first heard the early Art/Prog Rock. Asia was a band I instantly liked. Later, I discovered Led Zeppelin and some of the more emerging artists. I think my parents did not like a lot of what was musically out there, especially when we were just experiencing the birth of MTV, and that was the catalyst for me. I will talk more about the catalyst of music and these early influences later down the line in future blogs.

I think, the point I want to share here is that music played an important foundation in shaping my music tastes, and what I still listen to today. I am a bit more selective about who or what I listen to today because the stuff that is out there is just not as good as what I first heard growing up. I am not saying there is nothing good to listen to in 2017 or in the last 10 years. I am just saying that I think the quality music has become more diluted with commercialism rather than what I know to possess the longevity of artists I have heard through out the years. I seldom listen to the radio anymore, and if I do, I listen to 95.5 FM KLOS. They still play many of the songs I have enjoyed.

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