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Thoughts on staying positive.

February 21, 2017

I wrote this sometime in 2015 as a reminder to me to not give up or give in to negative feelings. I keep it posted close by my desk, and I look at it often. I hope you will find it encouraging.

Stay Positive,
Forgive Daily,
Be Kind and Patient.
Eat Cleanly,
Exercise Daily,
Believe in Yourself.
Drink Water,
Keep no Record of Wrongs Done,
Love Others.
Let Go, And Let God.
Be Playful,
Let Someone Know That You Love Them.
Be Creative,
Be Honest and Real,
Enjoy Life.
Get the Job Done,
Live Purposefully,
Invest Intentionally,
Save for the Future.
Be Thankful,
Be Gracious,
Have Hope.

(There is a  Part II to this, and I will share it another day.)

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