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The Doctor.

March 8, 2017

The Doctor. By K.McConnell

I’m a Time Lord
In a time machine.
It’s bigger
On the inside.
The universe is my playground,
to go
for a
Sometimes, she speaks to me,
This big
blue box
I travel along
She sings and hums
A wonderful melody.
There is no place
We cannot go-
Only when.
And, the rub is,
I am almost certain
That I lose my mind.
That is only
After I transform,
And find
I am not the same man
I used to be.
Eleven of me there have been,
I am twelve.
My sonic screwdriver
Gets me through
Most everything (except maybe wood?)
Psychic paper lets me pass.
A companion at my side helps me to remember,
Time is wibbly, wobbly,
And, time is relative
In dimension in space
In this blue box,
This beautiful, beautiful blue box-
I call it the T.A.R.D.I.S..

© 2014 rev.©2017 @kimcconnell
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