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When you are sick-

January 9, 2018

There is a stomach bug floating around the cities near where I live. It is also cold and flu season. I had my flu shot a couple months ago. However, I don’t know if it will be effective. Additionally, I think my problem is a combination of sinus infection, and my annual upper respiratory issues. I have tried to combat my stomach discomfort by drinking Kombucha (Lemon Ginger), and it helps a little. I have had some fever, and it is only just starting to feel like it is diminishing. My whole body ached and felt hot today. Not fun. Something my grandfather told me years ago that helped him when he had a cold or the flu was he had a shot of bourbon. That stuff  will kill just about anything going through your body. Natural health, probably not, but it has worked for me.

When I get sick, I am usually very miserable. I was today. It was wet, and rainy outside. We need the rain, but I am one who desires the sunshine. I probably would not do well in colder states. And, I think I have just been spoiled by all of the sunshine we have had in Southern California. I slept for a couple of hours this afternoon, so I really didn’t get to see much of the day today. On the plus side, I had a few friends I play Wordchums (similar to Scrabble) with on my phone.

The thought of food really just makes me feel nauseated, so I did not really eat today, except for some soup. Broth I can handle. Solid food-Um-not so much.

I would write more, and I just want to say hello, and good night. I know I won’t sleep much, and as pedestrian as this entry might seem, I felt like I should just write something. I am actually under a lot of stress too. I wanted to add that stress can make a person sick. Although, in my case it is just amplifying my ordeal.  I might talk about what I am going through in another entry when I am feeling better and can think more clearly.

Stay healthy. Good night.


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